Mini me

my goal was to get more push ups in a minute from 34 and aim for 40

thats the same with my sit ups my basket ball shooting is horrible so that was another goal to get 5 free throws and yes I did improve if your wondering and yes again I improved all 3  In fact are joke class improved there score and there goals are averages are high as anything we also had personal trainers who would comment on are blog to keep are confidents up needless to say are training out of school definitely helped my goals out of school it’s to get 40 in cricket and get 2 outs.

Oaks day

Here comes joshua ruhle weighing 100 pounds oh my look at that shirt looking fresh that is stylish oh my look at those old school vans oh oh sorry people this just in are vans are fake apparently there from thailand well what do you expect….. oh my look at those globe socks this is amazing people josh is honestly amzing just stunning people oh and how could forget them really good jeans. ladies over to the right they are loving him. Josh could be a contender on one of the greatest. Alright congrats on a absouletly stunning out fit josh.

My goal :)

my goal is to get more goals with the basket ball in the hoop I will do this by practicing at home in the basket ball ring. I aim to get to more and get a score of 3.

My next goal is to get more balls in the target I will do this by putting a target on the fence and throwing balls at it. I aim to get 7 more to boost are class average.


My last goal is to get more sit ups I will do this by doing sit ups every morning at 6:30 to 6:40 and night at 4:30 to 4:45 To get 10 more and get 41.


I am going to write a story about a alien trying to kill me and it will be a game of wights and sacrifice.



As I lay down in thick mud commando crawling though the mud I hear the man say if u find him fire at will aaaahhhhhhh. He’s gun goes as he falls to the ground I say to myself this Is my chance. I stand but there’s no men around someone something emerges for the shadow it’s eyes glow it’s like a camielian it’s skin changes colour to adapt to the jungle colours it lets out a horrible cry. I faint at the sight.


As I wake I see above me the three men hung above me aaaaahhhhhh I get up and run screaming like a girl but I do not care. I turn and see the thing looking at me with shock it runs at me. It’s faster than three men put together I run to a cliff and jump with out hesitation. It a waterfall he can’t follow me at least I hope not but when I hear water splash I run. I slip in mud I see him coming closer but I can’t move. I prepare for the worst but he didn’t see me in the mud why how.?


I scan my area nothing I get up and hide between two trees also with mud in it. I think about my experience and I think that it cannot see me in mud because i don’t give off any heat signals that why he can’t see me. ok now I know but how will I kill it ? A horrible though crossed my mind that I won’t get home to see my son who I never met I’m going to fight this thing with everything I’ve got.!!


I need to test my idea about the mud. I see it in the trees count to four inhale count to four exhale I step out no fast move meants I walk Hasley across the area. He’s in the tree I’m watching him he doesn’t seem to see me I also noticed he uses the trees to move around so far so good wait! He look down to scan count to four inhale count to four exhale he stop looking slip away back to the logs breathing heavily can’t believe it worked.


I need to fight I know it’s weakness but how am I meant to kill it. If all I have is a machete. Maybe I can make a bow and shoot at it if I start a fire I can shoot it and it might fall in the fire.


Moving slowly gathering sticks leaves and grass to make a fire. I get a body from the tree and set it up to fall so it. gets attracted to it and I can shoot it and it might fall in the fire. As I was searching for more resources I found a helicopter don’t know where it came from but I’ll use it to my advantage I search for weapons I find a .300 win mag and a light machine gun. With ammo must be my day.


It’s set the trap is all set now I have to lure him I set the fire I crawl up a small mountain. I see him the fire helps me see him the body falls it turn and seems to see me count to four inhale count to four exhale boom a thunders sound booms trough the jungle a horrible scream is let out I run to the fire and unload the light machine gun until it was empty it’s dead I killed it now I need to get home how I walk the way to the area I was being integration by those men then I see a wired gleam in front of me my hopes drop as I was impaled by the thing it was still alive no suddenly I see flashes of my life go by then darkness.

3 way conference

last night I presented my three way conference to my parent and my teacher I think I did really well I read fluently and added thing that was not there well and you wouldn’t have heard the difference betweven them but I was a bit unorganized and flustered at the start but I got better and more confident.

Reflection of are palitical party

today we had are political party’s and to say the least we suck we were knocked out in the first round 😨 But we were working hard and working hard before the presentation as well but it’s ok because we weren’t the only people for it to happen to. In the end free fun Friday won. All and all it was a great experience for as all.

David warren

we had a project on famous people who influenced Australia I’m doing David warren he invented the black box 📦 In airoplanes the black box tells people how airplanes crash happened we had to make a biography on them and a news article we have to presence this in a box we had to have aleast three props to explain how are things work. Here the links I used to get the information.

David Ronald de Mey Warren was an Australian scientist best known for inventing and developing the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder. Wikipedia

Born 20 March 1925 Groote Eylandt
Died 19 July 2010 Brighton
Education University of sydney
Known for Flight data recorder cockpit voice recorded the black box
Siblings Grace warren
Children Jenny warren, Meg warren, Peter warren

David Warren had a stamp dedicated to him.
The first prototype coupled FDR/CVR [Flight Data Recorder/Cockpit Voice Recorder] designed with civilian aircraft, for explicit post-crash examination purposes was produced in 1956 by Dr. David Warren of the Defence Science and Technology Organisations Aeronautical Research Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia.  In 1953 and 1954 a series of fatal accidents involving the De Havilland Comet prompted the grounding of the entire fleet pending an investigation.  Dr. Warren a chemist specializing in aircraft fuels was involved in a professional committee discussing the possible causes.  Since there had been neither witnesses nor survivors Dr. Warren conceived of a crash-survivable method to record the flight crew’s conversation and other pre-crash data reasoning they would greatly assist in determining a cause and enabling the prevention of future avoidable accidents of the same type.

This is my biography.