My yarn presentation

Ah yeah goo day mate my names James Scoble and the day I remember the most was getting kicked to death. It was all like bang one hit 10 kicks in my face lost most of my teeth 3 teeth left from that one person 3 men to go.
Im in for it I’m going to die. That OK no one cares about me anyway. No one heard of me.
What happened I move from Scotland to here for a happy life Why am i
a target these troopers always putting up the Prices… trooper scums.

What a mistake to come back to the hotel after hours will I was drunk. I forced my way in here and was confront. The men that killed me got of free because police owed him money.


A yarn is a day the are  characters will remember the most and where famous for.


  1. Hi Mate,

    I like your post, it never gets old. Keep up the good work. Maybe next time tell what your doing.



  2. Hey Josh,
    My star for you is that you had a great recount about James Scobie dying.
    My second star is that you had good describing words in your yarn.

    My first wish for you is that you check some spelling.

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