Sizzling sun

On wensday the hole of the grade five had a Science Expo we had been working on a science topic for about 3 weeks. I Research why can the sun keep burning if there is no oxygen and I presented it on a piece of a3 paper. I was a bit nervous at first when people arrived but  I got over it and got on with the day explaing the same thing over and over I am glad I was there. On the table I presented with my best mate Fintan. We had 53 people come to are table all tougher. Most were my friends and adult friends. All and all what I’m trying to say is I had a really good time at the science expo best thing we’ve had all year.


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  1. Hi Josh,

    Well done on your science expo!!! I liked how you decorated you presentation, and you have a spelling mistake (all tougher) altogether.

    From Xavier

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