Water water water 💦

my god did you know that we use 66 Leteres of water in a shower that’s mad and people in some part of the world only have 5!!!!! Wow. Today we had a western water lady come in to explain the values of water. To tell the truth I horrified. We use clean fresh water to flush the dunny we waste it and don’t think any less about it. Its like 1 leteres of water in a disposible bottle is 2 leteres to make it. Oh and then the plastic get blowed away in to the ocean then animals eat it think it food and it’s killing them. In the ocean  there’s a pile of rubbish as big as Australia 😱😱😱 but glassed water u can have 720 glasses of water and pay 10 cents.



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  1. Hey Josh,
    Your post was pretty good but at the start of the paragraph there was no Capital letter and I dident understand the part that said “to tell the truth I horrified”.
    From Amy

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