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Today we had a expert called Cheri who come from burro of metrology to talk about climate change. Things like humans are the main reason for climate change. In California there’s a shore and it’s full of anchovies because of ocean heating up if it’s 1 degree hotter or colder fish die seals die as well and so much more. 97% of scientists agree climate change is real and cause the altitude harm. And every thing else ocean land ice caps everything. With global warming  that ice melts and goes into the ocean melt and fill the ocean. The water level is rising. The main reason for co2 in the atmosphere is production of object. To help fix this we do three thing




together we can make the world great and sustainable.

fun fact caddie put co2 in the air from there fart which is not good for the atmosphere.


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    I like your posts heading but I think you could’ve been a bit more careful with your use of punctuation.

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