Dance dance dance

Wow what a night of dancing and performing song. I loved last night there was pizza,songs, ice cream, drinks and raffle tickets it was a ball. But onto the point we 5c and so many more classes performed a amazing dance we danced on a stage to songs. On the stage I was soAre song was dynamite by taio Cruz we leart  the  moves from just dance. And we were amazing and so was every one else. It was a great afternoon. There was amazing tricks at the end of the performance here are the people who did tricks Sophie,mikaylah,charlize,Sabine,Amy,Madi,jarrod and fintan. We couldn’t have done it with out ms B and ms coot.

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  1. Hey Joshy
    This is a great post. You included a lot of detail and told us who done tricks. Although your grammar was quite poor.
    From your bro, Callum

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