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3 way conference

last night I presented my three way conference to my parent and my teacher I think I did really well I read fluently and added thing that was not there well and you wouldn’t have heard the difference betweven them but I was a bit unorganized and flustered at the start but I got better and more confident.

Reflection of are palitical party

today we had are political party’s and to say the least we suck we were knocked out in the first round 😨 But we were working hard and working hard before the presentation as well but it’s ok because we weren’t the only people for it to happen to. In the end free fun Friday won. All and all it was a great experience for as all.

David warren

we had a project on famous people who influenced Australia I’m doing David warren he invented the black box 📦 In airoplanes the black box tells people how airplanes crash happened we had to make a biography on them and a news article we have to presence this in a box we had to have aleast three props to explain how are things work. Here the links I used to get the information.

David Ronald de Mey Warren was an Australian scientist best known for inventing and developing the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder. Wikipedia

Born 20 March 1925 Groote Eylandt
Died 19 July 2010 Brighton
Education University of sydney
Known for Flight data recorder cockpit voice recorded the black box
Siblings Grace warren
Children Jenny warren, Meg warren, Peter warren

David Warren had a stamp dedicated to him.
The first prototype coupled FDR/CVR [Flight Data Recorder/Cockpit Voice Recorder] designed with civilian aircraft, for explicit post-crash examination purposes was produced in 1956 by Dr. David Warren of the Defence Science and Technology Organisations Aeronautical Research Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia.  In 1953 and 1954 a series of fatal accidents involving the De Havilland Comet prompted the grounding of the entire fleet pending an investigation.  Dr. Warren a chemist specializing in aircraft fuels was involved in a professional committee discussing the possible causes.  Since there had been neither witnesses nor survivors Dr. Warren conceived of a crash-survivable method to record the flight crew’s conversation and other pre-crash data reasoning they would greatly assist in determining a cause and enabling the prevention of future avoidable accidents of the same type.

This is my biography.

The night they stormed eureka.

The book called the night they stormed eureka  is book about a girl  called Sam. She has a bad family and her mother beats her and her dad left her mother. Sam ran away from her home and was thinking about a safer past she stumbled upon a grave stone the said Lucy. All of a sudden she heard the word Lucy over and over again she closed her    eye and open.  She was not in the present she was in the 1854 she found a couple called the puddlehams. She lived with them up until the eureka stockade but she grew close to the puddleham. She tried her best to get them away from the eureka stockade but in the end Mrs puddleham died and Sam went back to the future. The class of 6b enjoyed the book and he is the info we got from the book.





The biggest shock was the hygiene  the water usages and food usages was awful they wash ever on there clothes and will fix all their clothes. and they were in those clothes  until it falls apart. They has no tooth paste no deodorant they Stunk. If you wanted to shower once a month if your lucky and that’s the same water people drink out of. Compared to now are hygiene is much much better.

The ending of the book was good it left a strong message and the puddleham would put Sam before them. I loved it when Sam went back to the future because she would raise her kid just like Ms puddleham did with sam. The message in the book was good because it was a loving family Sam was not the puddleham daughter but she cared for her as she was her own kid.


If they were to let Sam talk to Peter la Lord there may have never been a stockade there may have been no law in Australia.

If they continue the series there would be one about before Sam came and what the puddle hums faced Day to day.

If it was after Sam was gone it should be about Mr puddleham dealing with his wifes death.




Math goal

I need to learn my time tables to improve my time tables results I will learn my 7 times tables to accomplish this I will look at my times table book and learn them and then test them over and over and over again until I get it right and then next time table I will repeat this over until I know them all. I will start this goal asap and will spend hopefully only 2 weeks on this goal.