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Light it up

For the past 2 days the year 6s have been doing things on electrical work  to make  a solar boat that will have a propalar and solar panels on it. We have to include wiring to make the electricity flow freely. And we have learn how electricity works and how to wire it so fun so far.


Passive houses

We have been making passive houses in class we started of with land to buy and y are land was passive and good for invroment me and Fintan made a passive house from a shoe box we got 59 stars on how passive are house is. The objective was to understand are earth and climate change. Here is me and fintans land.img_1734

Dance dance dance

Wow what a night of dancing and performing song. I loved last night there was pizza,songs, ice cream, drinks and raffle tickets it was a ball. But onto the point we 5c and so many more classes performed a amazing dance we danced on a stage to songs. On the stage I was soAre song was dynamite by taio Cruz we leart  the  moves from just dance. And we were amazing and so was every one else. It was a great afternoon. There was amazing tricks at the end of the performance here are the people who did tricks Sophie,mikaylah,charlize,Sabine,Amy,Madi,jarrod and fintan. We couldn’t have done it with out ms B and ms coot.

Recycle reduce reuse ♻️

Today we had a expert called Cheri who come from burro of metrology to talk about climate change. Things like humans are the main reason for climate change. In California there’s a shore and it’s full of anchovies because of ocean heating up if it’s 1 degree hotter or colder fish die seals die as well and so much more. 97% of scientists agree climate change is real and cause the altitude harm. And every thing else ocean land ice caps everything. With global warming  that ice melts and goes into the ocean melt and fill the ocean. The water level is rising. The main reason for co2 in the atmosphere is production of object. To help fix this we do three thing




together we can make the world great and sustainable.

fun fact caddie put co2 in the air from there fart which is not good for the atmosphere.


Water water water 💦

my god did you know that we use 66 Leteres of water in a shower that’s mad and people in some part of the world only have 5!!!!! Wow. Today we had a western water lady come in to explain the values of water. To tell the truth I horrified. We use clean fresh water to flush the dunny we waste it and don’t think any less about it. Its like 1 leteres of water in a disposible bottle is 2 leteres to make it. Oh and then the plastic get blowed away in to the ocean then animals eat it think it food and it’s killing them. In the ocean  there’s a pile of rubbish as big as Australia 😱😱😱 but glassed water u can have 720 glasses of water and pay 10 cents.



Sizzling sun

On wensday the hole of the grade five had a Science Expo we had been working on a science topic for about 3 weeks. I Research why can the sun keep burning if there is no oxygen and I presented it on a piece of a3 paper. I was a bit nervous at first when people arrived but  I got over it and got on with the day explaing the same thing over and over I am glad I was there. On the table I presented with my best mate Fintan. We had 53 people come to are table all tougher. Most were my friends and adult friends. All and all what I’m trying to say is I had a really good time at the science expo best thing we’ve had all year.