Water water water 💦

my god did you know that we use 66 Leteres of water in a shower that’s mad and people in some part of the world only have 5!!!!! Wow. Today we had a western water lady come in to explain the values of water. To tell the truth I horrified. We use clean fresh water to flush the dunny we waste it and don’t think any less about it. Its like 1 leteres of water in a disposible bottle is 2 leteres to make it. Oh and then the plastic get blowed away in to the ocean then animals eat it think it food and it’s killing them. In the ocean  there’s a pile of rubbish as big as Australia 😱😱😱 but glassed water u can have 720 glasses of water and pay 10 cents.



Sizzling sun

On wensday the hole of the grade five had a Science Expo we had been working on a science topic for about 3 weeks. I Research why can the sun keep burning if there is no oxygen and I presented it on a piece of a3 paper. I was a bit nervous at first when people arrived but  I got over it and got on with the day explaing the same thing over and over I am glad I was there. On the table I presented with my best mate Fintan. We had 53 people come to are table all tougher. Most were my friends and adult friends. All and all what I’m trying to say is I had a really good time at the science expo best thing we’ve had all year.


Reflection on my Sci-fi writing so far.


For the past two sessions we have been writing a sci-fi text. The best way to get a sci-fi story is to first brain storm your idea so if you get stuck you go back to the brain storm for more ideas.

next is the story graph so you plan out the text so which Is the order and plan the event to build the text and to make it exciting here’s a my text so far and this is only the sizzling start.

(Heavy breathing) I haven’t got much time to talk I’m being chased by cyborg and robotic floting dog like Things I’m trying to find some wear to hide so I can explain what happened. Ok this place will do for know. ok so this is what happened there was this gamer right so he wanted to bring his characters out of the games into his life and care for them but instead his charicters killed him went back in the game and the charicters cloned them self a million of times over to make a army to take over the world. So yep he doomed the world. Right know I’m hiding an slowly heading towards the resistance to help fight back mthere said to be found under ground in the bucking caves I forgot to say I’m 23 years old and I have blue eyes black hair Nike shoes blue jeans and a grey top. Crab the cyborgs found me there so ambitious they never quit I’m back on the run again I’m about 3 days away from the resistance and I’ll need battery’s for the flash light I have. And a back pack and water so I can carry every thing easier. I need to find some where to sleep I run on to a moving train heading towards the caves I make a quick pit stop along the way I jump of the train and head toward the store I stock up on supply when I hear cyborgs I crouch behind the sign to see that the cyborgs have killed a man. Oh It’s a resistence person he’s been killed. Soon as the cyborgs leave I run over to the man its too late he’s dead. But I use it to my advantage I search him and find a knife that has a mini laser blade and jack pot a ppsh I haven’t seen one of these in years I check the mag. 85 rounds left I switch it to semi auto matic. I hide the body I search one more time I found a map a watch and a bullet proof vest. Now I’m set for the long trip ahead.

image image



I can explain why we have the northern lights


I Can Explain The Northern Lights.

The lights are green lights in the knight sky. Its also know as aurora Borealis and its eerie green glow could mistake you for UFO. The northern lights can only be seen in green land, ice land,northern Norway, and Finland.
Why it happens. When charged particles come from the sun,into the magnetic fields they collide with atoms. This makes little burst of light. Also when the earth rotates it make magnetic field, the magnetic field travels through the earth and the atoms and partial hit it and makes the green glow.

So next time you hear some one talking about the northern lights you will know how and why that got there.
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Nope! Not doing that!

Here we go climbing the stairs going higher and higher and higher.  My feet are shaking uncontrollably. I can feel the overalls rubbing along my skin. My hands are starting to sweat. I look down and nearly instantly stop to run back down the stairs. I’m looking at the person in front,hanging from a bar and just disappear. Oh no its my turn. I gulp as she untied the big rope I walk forwards. I look down and said nope not doing that then I  bolted down the stairs. I was so glad my feet was on the ground. My shaking is still uncontrollable. I’ll never forget that felling and that adrenalin rush.

The light ah there they are….

This Thursday and Friday we have been learning about 3 types of thinking that are literal inferential and last but not least personal we are currently reading the city of embar which lets us think about literal inferential and personal thinking.

Literal means it’s obvious its in the text you don’t have to think example why did the brown cow jump over the moon. What  colour was the cow it’s obvious see your getting it all ready.

Next is inferential it’s a little harder but you will understand. Ok you need to understand how to make connections. example Blinky bill as a baby the koala is always blinking and peeking. So you think that’s random well it not. Think why would Blinky bill be called Blinky bill well that’s were inferential thinking comes in so he was blinking a lot as a baby so you would think that how he got the name know we don’t know for shore but it would make sense  .

Personal this is easy  peezy. Exsample have you ever seen a dog or a cat the resin it’s personal thinking is because you know what it looks like strait away get the picture…… yup well that’s personal thinking see easy. That what I have been learning this week I’ll see you next week.