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The light ah there they are….

This Thursday and Friday we have been learning about 3 types of thinking that are literal inferential and last but not least personal we are currently reading the city of embar which lets us think about literal inferential and personal thinking.

Literal means it’s obvious its in the text you don’t have to think example why did the brown cow jump over the moon. What  colour was the cow it’s obvious see your getting it all ready.

Next is inferential it’s a little harder but you will understand. Ok you need to understand how to make connections. example Blinky bill as a baby the koala is always blinking and peeking. So you think that’s random well it not. Think why would Blinky bill be called Blinky bill well that’s were inferential thinking comes in so he was blinking a lot as a baby so you would think that how he got the name know we don’t know for shore but it would make sense  .

Personal this is easy  peezy. Exsample have you ever seen a dog or a cat the resin it’s personal thinking is because you know what it looks like strait away get the picture…… yup well that’s personal thinking see easy. That what I have been learning this week I’ll see you next week.